If You Attend One Conference in 2015, This is It

A Conference Like No Other

The CUES Michigan Council took a new look at credit union conferences and built one that captures all of the excitement that the future has to offer. Our enhancements include some radical new ideas such as:

Most conferences pack their speaking lineup with lots of speakers and bookend with one or two quality keynotes. Our presenters could each be keynote speakers at any traditional conference but at ours they all share the main stage to create an amazing lineup of credit union experts.

Critical Topics — That Impact Your Future

Typical conferences select speakers and allow them to choose their topics. At the Future Summit 2015, we created an agenda of items critical to the future of the credit union industry and then selected experts in those areas to present their vision of the future. Topics include:

  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Growth
  • Branching
  • Innovation
  • Sales

Real Takeaways — Actual Ideas You Can Implement

Typical conferences get you rev'ed up but leave you with few actual ideas that you can take back to your credit union. Future Summit was built on the actual takeaways. Each session was developed around three tangible points that you can take back to your credit union and implement. When you leave you will be both energized and armed with actual items that can change your organization.